Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ShooStories: White out


The Shoo: Napa White
Circa: mid 2004
Where: On Pedder, Ngee Ann City

The Story: I realise I don't own many pairs of expensive shoos, because I don't take good care of my shoos. I'm not the type to wipe them or clean them after each wear. My idea of care is to toss them onto my shoo shelf to "air" them for a day or two (or three) before I put them back in their box. So really, it's probably just as well I don't spend pots of money on Bruno Maglis or Ferragamos or Kate Spades.

But all the same, my favouritest shoo shop is On Pedder at Ngee Ann City. Such sleek, delicate and beautiful shoos they always have, and it's so fun to try them on for fun and pretend I am tai-tai on her way to tea. But the best times to buy from there are during their big sales. Every so often, they have a clearance sale to get rid of the old season shoos, and that's where I swoop in. This pair was a bargain buy from the store, and I was just happening to be searching for a white pair of shoos. I was so pleased with this pair I wore them the next day to dinner with my father. I remember we went to B.R.O.T.H. at Duxton Hill and I was very gingerly walking on the cobblestones to avoid getting them dirty. Dinner was delicious though.

You can tell this shoo has had some wear, by all the bumps and lumps made by my fat feet. Oh well. I did say I don't take very good care of my shoos.

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Agathe said...

I end up not wearing my expencive shoes cause I'm so afraid of wearing them out. I guess it's better to actually wear them and not take good care of them, than have them sitting in a box. Good shoes deserves an exciting life! :) Great shoes by the way!

Tym said...

The most expensive pair of shoes I have is from Nine West (on sale) and even then I wear them so rarely and so gingerly. Ugh. I think buy el cheapo is better, then can trot all over town without any qualms.

I've never set foot into On Pedder. I suspect the prices would give me a shock.

Li-er said...

The most expensive shoe I had bought was an ELLE one. Cost me abt $130 and I only wore it a few times before tossing it into the bin. Cos it's out of fashion liao. Ha!