Monday, October 10, 2005

Remember the time

I can't get down to work just yet, so I shall do this fun little meme, which came from Li-er:

How old were you when you...

1) Took your very first baby step? Err you'll have to ask my mammy that question. I have absolutely no idea.

2) Had your bicycle license? You mean you need a license to ride a bicycle? Anyway, as some of you might know from previous memes, I can't ride a bicycle. *hangs head down in shame*

3) Were told you needed spectacles? Oh gosh I was one of those sad ones who wore glasses when I was really young. That's what sitting close to the TV will do to ya. There's a kindy picture of me in giant that would peg me at about 4?

4) Had chicken pox? Not had it..yet! And I hope never to have it. I'm actually hoping I'm one of those lucky few immune to it, as my sister got chicken pox but I never caught it from her

5) Had your first part-time job? When I was 16 and waiting to go into poly, I had 3 spare months, so my uncle got me a job in his office helping out with the company's card club. I had originally wanted to scoop ice-cream at Haagen-Daz, but my mother thwarted those grand plans of ice-cream domination. Hmmph. I'm still sore about that.

6) Fell in love for the first time? I've had crushes, but true love like in The Princess Bride? I'm still waiting.

7) Got your first full-time job? When I came back from Oz in Nov 2001. I'm still at that job.

8) Had your driving license? Got my license in Oz in 1999 at 20 because I heard it was easier to pass there. It still took me 4 tries to get my license. Once again, I *hang my head in shame*, but I drive real good now!

9) Had your funky pager? Final year in poly when I was 18 when I needed a device so interviewees could get a hold of me while I was in class. My dark blue Motorola pager, oh how I remembered all those clever codes my friends and I came up with to show that we were calling each other.

10) Had your cool mobile phone? I shared my first mobile phone with my housemate in 1998 when I was 18, because we needed a device so interviewees could get a hold of us and pagers just weren't done in Oz. It was a cool black Hagenuk which was constantly mistaken for the TV remote. I've since gone through two Nokias and now have the silver Motorola Razr. Ooh sexy.

11) Finish your tertiary studies? At 22, le sigh. I miss my student days.


Li-er said...

Hahaa... I'm no better than you. It took me 3 tries to pass with 10/20 marks in sg. *hangs head in shame*

Ang Ku Kueh said...

i passed first try but I'm still a terror on the roads...that's why i dun save other ppl's lives...