Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ShooStories: Is there such a thing as a formal flip-flop?


The Shoo: Limey
Circa: Jan 2005
Where: Online buy, Peter Alexander

The Story: For a flip-flops fan like myself, this marriage of beachy flip-flop with a kitten heel was a match made in beachy heaven. And we have Sigerson Morrison to thank for. But his were outrageously expensive, something like US$50 for a pair. Even I have a limit, one does not pay that kind of money for rubber. Thankfully, because it was such fashion gold, it was copied left, right and centre (thank God for pirates). Hell, even Bata was doing these! I know, because I bought a pair from there and I wore them to death. I even wore them to work, because I reasoned, it's got a heel, and therefore it's OK! When I finally broke them, (the strap snapped and I had to resort to scotch-taping the strap back to the sole) I knew I had to replace them.

By this time, the fad for these had died down, and the crowd had moved onto higher pastures, like the wedge heel. Peter Alexander was having a clearance sale and I decided to buy another pair, this time in lime green, since I was, and still am, in a green phase. I still wear these to work too. But I hasten to add that I never wear these for formal events. One must still have some sense of occasion.



missy-j said...

Those lime-green flip flops are so eye-catching :)

Love your shoe collection!

Woof! said...

eeeks! can see the dirty stuff on the bottom pic! hahaha

JellyGirl said...

Missy-j: Thanks! hehe my friend said she could spot me a mile away when I wear this pair.

Woof!: eh-heh, well those grooves are a biatch to clean.

Li-er said...

Hahaa... finally!! A pair that is not so clean! =P

Ang Ku Kueh said...

ooohh! too bad i cannot wear tong shoes...u are in lime green now? ahahha...i also tot lime green suddenly quite pretty. although i prefer pastel yellow. :)

JellyGirl said...

AKK: Tong? What that? I like yellow too, but I don't look good in the colour, makes me look jaundiced. Poo.