Thursday, July 14, 2005

ShooStories: Slipping away


The Shoo: Ice Blue
Circa: April 2003
Where: X:odus, Holland Village

The Story: I bought this pair mainly because it was on offer at X:odus - 2 pairs for the price of 1. I was with a friend, who had found a pair of shoos she liked so we split the deal, so in essence I paid half price for it. I wore this pair on a few occasions, but the one which sticks out the most is the time I wore this pair to watch Finding Nemo.

Up to now, I'm wondering whether it was a date or whether it was just a 'friends' thing. He had already seen the movie, but on hearing that I really wanted to watch it, said he wouldn't mind watching it again. After the movie, which we thoroughly enjoyed, we had dessert at Big O Cafe (he paid). It was the first time I was with him on a one-on-one basis, previously we were always in group situations so I never had the chance to speak to him for a prolonged period of time. So this session at Big O was a good chance to get to know him better. It was very enjoyable.

My memory is very hazy at this point, but I seem to remember we watched another movie and we went roller-blading at East Coast. But it never progressed beyond that and the feeling I got was always friendly, but never romantic. Shortly after that, he announced to our group that he was going out seriously with a girl, whom he introduced to us and later married.

We're still good friends and I get along really well with his wife. I'm not upset or jealous or anything, but sometimes I do wonder...before he started going out with this girl, was I on his list of prospects?


fake mother-of-pearl


Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Maybe it was the shoos...

Ang Ku Kueh said...

Why wouldn't you be? in fact, anyone whom you never considered then discarded after considering in ur gp of friends can be in the list of potentials. :)

Tym said...

I love your taste in shoos, but even more I love your shoo stories. If only they could talk, the stories they'd tell of all of us...