Friday, July 15, 2005

Pepper Lunch

We were going to have dinner at Mos Burger before wandering around Kinokuniya, but on arriving, discovered a new place had opened, taking over another Japanese restaurant. And that is how we accidentally stumbled upon Pepper Lunch, a new Japanese fast-food joint that offers sizzling steak and other yummy beefy eats on a hot plate. We stepped into the place and immediately, screams of "Irrashaimasssssse!" assailed our ears. I ordered the hamburger plate (hum-baagaa), while my two other friends tried the loin steak (the server called it 'lion steak' hurhur) and a combination plate of steak and hamburger from the counter.

The staff were all super-friendly and smiley, and as soon as our dishes arrived, helpfully pointed out the condiments we could add to our steak, like the garlic soy and honey mustard sauce. They also reminded us to mix everything on the plate thoroughly to enjoy the full flavour of the dish, even offering to mix it for us if we couldn't manage on our own. Err thanks, I think I can figure out how to eat my dish.

My humbaagaa came sizzling delightfully on the 'patented' hot plate system, with a sunny-side-up egg and some bean sprouts and carrots on the side. The beef was really tender and juicy, and oh-so-flavoursome. And you could tell they used real beef, not the fake overprocessed stuff you get at the evil golden arches of a fast-food joint that shall remain nameless.

We left the place with screams of "Arigato gozaimasssssssu" ringing in our ears and very contented bellies. I'm so coming back here again.


Deetourguide said...

ooo.... Oishi!!!! I just ate my lunch and u've got me all hungry again! Humbaagaa would prob hit the spot nicely.

JY said...

How much was it?

Fat Fingers said...

wah oiishii sou!!
i want to try that soon!
I'm look at the menu online.. i'm drooling already!!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

yayy! another place to go for BEEF!!!!

oceanskies79 said...

Wow, this sounds yummy. How much is this?

By the way, I remembered that you like the Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto. My orchestra will be having a fund-raising concert on 27 July 05 and we are playing the violin concerto?

Care to support?. No obligation though.

oceanskies79 said...

I should have made it clearer. If you would like more information about the concert, you may check out one of my latest posts:

lancerlord said...

Oh that's what they say. "Irrashaimasssssse."

I know nothing about Japanese. So
every time they say that, I kept repeating "What did you just say."

Ah 9 said...

where is it? *stomach growls*

JellyGirl said...

Deetour: Oishi indeed! Let's go one day!

JY & Oceanskies: For the plate itself, it was about $10, but if you get it as a meal (which comes with rice and a drink), about $12.

Fingers: You can read Japanese? Or were you just looking at the pictures like I did? hehe

AKK: Yes, I like cow too :)

Oceanskies: The concert sounds lovely! Let me check my diary first!

Lancerlord: Heh yeah it took me a while to figure out what they said whenever you walk through the door.

Ah 9: Basement of Taka, on the side where Crystal Jade Kitchen and Cakery is...near the Mos Burger and Yoshinoya. Must go try!

Li-er said...

Goodness... the location just reminds me that I haven't been to Taka for donkey months. Will have to visit soon. =)

JellyGirl said...

Li-er: Yah me too, before this trip, I hadn't explored Taka in a really long time!

Pepper Lunch staff said...

haha.. hello i am working at pepper lunch in taka if u one to know anything just ask me =P keke..

pepper lunch food is nice and staff very friendly too =) u really must go try it out is at taka B2 beside Mos Burger.. =P my name in pepper lunch is Koh~ call me koh is u one too..

Pepper Lunch ^^V

Anonymous said...

Hi Koh, can we do booking at Pepper lunch? What is the phone no?

Kristy said...

I was doing a search for Pepper Lunch to find the address of the location in the United States (Milpitas, California), and stumbled across your blog. I just had to comment... I live in Sacramento, but this is by far, one of my most favorite places to eat and I have to drive 2 hours to get there!!! The meal sounds a little different than the ones I have tried, but definitely very similar.

Anonymous said...

pepper lunch express sucks!

joanne said...

hi.. i'm a staffs of pepper lunch also.. name joanne.. hehehe.. wrkin as a cashier over there..
ya.. and one more thing.. we have came up a new menu.. spicy chicken pepper rice.. for those who doesnt take beef.. that mayb a choice for u to choose or salmon pepper rice, double salmon steak, double chicken steak or salmon and chicken.. if u looking @ e web is taiwan de website.. we will be havin a web in sg.. nw still in process.. anything to ask can leave a msg on my blog..

Anonymous said...



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