Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend shenanigans*

* Although the word shenanigans would seem to imply that I got up to much things naughty, when in truth I didn't...oh well

Impulse buy from Mudan, Far East Plaza

Because it has been established that I love lists, here is another list of listy goodness over the weekend:
  • Scarfing down popiah, kuey pie tee, lontong, Lana chocolate cake, homemade flourless chocolate cake and peach pie at friends' dinner party on Fri night
  • Heading over to Velvet for a late night out and a bit of a boogie. So...many...people. So...many...young...people. Can barely move
  • Lunch at Pete's Place for the soup and salad bar and the chocolate profiteroles and lychee dessert spread. I love the bread there!
  • Getting back to playing violin in church. It's been a while, and it was also nice to be welcomed back so prettily by the team
  • Braving the crowds and shopping for birthday/Father's Day present for father. It's always hard getting him a present - he's had enough ties and shirts from me. Eventually found a leather box for him to hold all his watches at Takashimaya.
  • Spending Sat night curled up in bed reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I finished it in 3 hours. It turned me to mush.
  • Waking up early on Sunday to go roller-blading with B. We made it past Bedok jetty *punch fists up in joy*
  • The orders from Victoria's Secrets have arrived! Try everything on and plan outfits a week in advance (ok, I admit sometimes I lie awake at night thinking about what I will wear for the week, it saves time getting ready in the morning, I swear!)
  • Take new jacket to tailor to get it altered
  • Purchase pretty pretty necklace from Mudan while waiting for said jacket to be altered.
  • Resolve to stop spending more money on shopping
  • Start reading new book and end up sleeping late on Sunday night. The reading spree has started!


Fashionasia said...

ohmygosh.....reading your blog really scares me...kekekke...I just watched "5 ppl u meet in heaven" yesterday at the hallmark chanel. oh and btw, bought myself a pretty silver flats frm spore...and its the Min Min's !!! ahaks!!!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

*envy*...that pretty much sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend I would like to have...sighz.. but I'm broke after getting myself a leather bag from 9-west...

JellyGirl said...

Fashion: great minds, doll, great minds. :)

AKK: Me too, I'm officially broke now. I think I should stay away from town for now.

Li-er said...

Good to know that you had a good weekend! That necklace looks chic! =)

Cupcake Queen said...

Gal, you've got good taste. I'd have gotten the necklace, too. :D

Tom Naka said...

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