Thursday, June 23, 2005

ShooStories: Strappy happy


The Shoo: Shiny Shilver
Circa: sometime 1999 (I think)
Where: M)phosis, Ngee Ann City

The Story: Remember when grey was the new black sometime during the late '90s? Editors of fashion magazines started gushing about the joys of wearing charcoal grey: "It's less severe than black, and yet it goes with everything!" And of course, little lemming that I was, I fell for it and bought grey skirts and grey pants...then realised, black shoos don't go with grey! However, I have discovered this about m)phosis shoos - while they look really good, they're pretty painful to wear after a while. So like so many other heels that I have, this is one of those pairs that I don't wear so often.


Yet another gratuitous shot of my feets


Ang Ku Kueh said... many pairs of shoes do you have, gal? this pair does look very painful, only 2 skinny straps...but then they show off ur ankles so pain, no gain....

Li-er said...

Hahaa... I also learned thru the pain way like you. Bought a pair of their shoes and wore a few times and banished them to the cold palace for good. =P

JellyGirl said...

AKK: Heh still have more pairs you haven't seen yet!

Li-er: Yes it's tough being a girl, isn't it? :P