Friday, October 26, 2007

It bags

If I said I'm not a bag label whore, I'd be lying. While I'm definitely not your monogram LV-loving girl, I do like a well made label bag which doesn't scream 'I is carrying a branded baggie!', yet has a distinctive enough design that is immediately recognisable. My collection of branded bags seems to be growing, from what was a little Fendi Ostrik, a Kate Spade classic tote (a gift from a cousin), an electric blue Chloe Paddington to the most expensive buy yet, a black Balenciaga First. The next bag I'll be adding to my collection is a Miu Miu coffer in gold (I know, so ostentatious, but I couldn't resist).

I've realised that once you've started on one label bag, it's a long slippery slope to bag label hell. One is never enough, and you start looking for the next one to acquire. Right now, the bags that fill me with insatiable lust (and a wish for very very deep pockets) are:
Mulberry Bayswater in purple patent (only this colour! Or the gold is good too)
Valentino Maison in either silver (as pictured above) or cream, like Nicole Ritchie
Marni Balloon in any colour but brown

Luckily, I know these bags are just way too far out of my reach that I'll just content myself with ogling them online...or hunting down cheap Korea lookalikes hurhurhur.


munsterinc said...

I think I like the Valentino and the mulberry

JellyGirl said...

I saw the Mulberry in the boutique yesterday, and it's just as bewwwfidul in real life! Pity it's just too big for my everyday use!

munsterinc said...

I wasn't able to see any Mulberry in HK since the two stores I came across were yet to open. Too bad I didn't get the chance to appreciate it up close.