Thursday, October 26, 2006

ShooStories: The return!

Can you believe the last time I did ShooStories was in December? I am appalled at my laziness. But anyhow, here's hoping this entry will continue my documentation of my shoo collection. In case you're new to this series, you can start reading about it here.


The Shoo: Discoball
Circa: June 2006
Where: Nue, Paragon

The Story: I can never get enough of shiny ballet flats, so when I came across this pair of silver sparklies on sale at local label Nue during the Great Singapore Sale, I snapped them up. I wore them a few times over the last few months, but nowhere as often as when I brought them with me on my trip to San Jose/San Francisco. One problem I always have while packing for trips is deciding on footwear. This last trip was no exception. First, since it was fall, I’d need closed-toe shoos. I would have liked to wear my Havaianas, but I suspected my toes would freeze. Then, the shoos had to be comfortable enough to walk around in without giving me blisters. And finally (and very importantly), they had to be versatile enough to match everything in my suitcase. These silver shoos didn’t let me down. They were relatively comfortable (they survived a few shopping trips around Union Square and a half hour walk along Fisherman’s Wharf, no blisters!), and accompanied me while I explored Sausalito and wined around Napa and Sonoma Valley. And of course, they kept me happy during the long work sessions during the week. Now that I’m home, they have been kept in their shoo box for a long deserved rest.


Walking the boardwalk in Sausalito

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Anonymous said...

i had this exact same pair of shoes in gold! i loved it but it gave me so much blisters that i was forced to "retire" it after a few times.
dee from

JellyGirl said...

Hi dee! Yes, I too get blisters everytime I wear these shoes in Singapore, but I had no problems with them when I was in SF. I think my feet shrank!

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