Monday, June 19, 2006



It all started when I was admiring a necklace a new acquaintance was wearing, and she told me she got it from Far East Plaza. I decided it was time to go back there and re-explore Far East Plaza again.

While wandering around, I discovered I really had been away for a long time. Many of the little shops I used to visit had gone and were replaced by newer and shinier shopfronts. I had lots of fun wandering the back lanes, and found a few places that sold cute and quirky jewellery (I found some L'ArtiChaut-lookalike necklaces!), pretty bag charms, vintage dresses and handbags.

But the find that really made my day was a little shop on the third floor which sold designer wear, like Tsumori Chisato, Rebecca Taylor and Marc Jacobs. I was initially attracted by a summery striped bubble dress with matching necklace (I know, after all I've said about bubble skirts, and here I was looking at a bubble dress), and when I went in to look around more, discovered a whole rack of dresses and tops with a protective plastic wrap over them. A couple of women were browsing the same rack, and one of them idly parted the dresses and revealed this denim Marc Jacobs dress. My head went *ding!*, as I recognised it instantly from pictures I'd seen of it on the runway. When they left, I immediately grabbed it, tried it on, and the rest, as they say, is history. The dress is now mine...muahaha.


Not only am I an accessories queen, I think I am in danger of becoming a beauty junkie. Over the weekend, I started clearing through my little container of pots and creams beside my bed. I found:
  • 5 tubes of lip balm (Burt's Bees, Body Shop, Dirty Girl)
  • 2 kinds of moisturiser (Shiseido & The Natural Source)
  • 3 mini-vials of perfume (Stila, L'occitane, Philosophy)
  • 1 lip-scuff (Body Shop) & 1 lip plumper cream (Lancome)
  • 3 types of eye cream (Benefit, Aveda, Phytomer)
And let's not forget the 3 types of face wash, 2 types of toners, 3 types of face scrub, and 3 jars of masks sitting in my bathroom. The trouble is I am such a sucker for the deadly combination of pretty packaging and clever marketing copy. Phrases like "exfoliation that penetrates the skin" and "deep cleansing properties" and "soothe and nourish your skin" immediately convince me that the product MUST be effective.

This is it. I am banning myself from buying anymore beauty products until I finish everything sitting in my room.

Sidenote: The Phytomer eye cream is great! I must buy more of it...after I finish everything else of course.


MichelleYourReader said...

Hey gal, izit genuine Marc Jacobs dress? I came across such shop in City Square JB, selling Diane Von Furstenberg dresses, to which they claim it's imported from HK.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

yah lo, they have changed a lot since my JC days. I spend $150 in 30 minutes flat after going there. and it's like 4 different things from 4 different shops...

JellyGirl said...

Michelle: Hmm while it didn't come from the Marc Jacobs boutique, I do know it came from the same factory that makes them. Probably an overrun, as the stitching and cut is quite good.

AKK: I know exactly what you mean! Most times I'm so tempted to blow my money on cute little accessories!

Anonymous said...

Hi, where's this shop on the third floor of far east? :)

JellyGirl said...

Hi Anon, unfortunately I can't remember the name of the shop, but I think it's next to the escalator on the right hand side of Far East Plaza. Good luck! :)