Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DIY delights

I think we have a vast amount of creative talent in Singapore, as evidenced by the quick sprouting of little websites featuring pretty, quirky handmade jewellery. Ms Guise brought my attention to the delightful Crymeajustin, and it reminded me of a few other sites I've found while trawling the web:

Adorable brooch from Gleam In Your Eye

Tatty Devine lookalike brooches and necklaces from They also have funky earrings and retro-looking clothes.

Custom-made jewellery from Divaesque. (Actually I didn't find this on the web, this was a recommendation from a friend)

Update (July 3): With more great recommendations coming in, I'm adding them to this post. Thanks everyone for the links!

Beautiful handmade earrings from Abigael the Beading Lady. I'm going to have to order me a pair soon!

Elegant pieces from Moondust.

Not exactly DIY, but this Singapore site features gorgeous and unique accessories from Paris. Be warned though, L'arti Chaut is expensive.

Summery designs from Summerfly.

Update (11 July): And the links keep coming in!

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Intricate earrings from Beads of Lav.

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Be charmed by Baileysvodka.


missy-j said...

I've just purchased a necklace from crymeajustin and it gets my seal of approval for reliabilty!

And great links you have there! I love Frufru, but I think their goods are too costly for me.

missy-j said...

Ooh and where can I find divaesque?

JellyGirl said...

Missy-j: Oops forgot to add the link in my post. It's been updated. And I agree with you on Frufru, it's way too pricy, but fun to look at. Crymeajustin has the best pricing out of all the sites (I've just bought a necklace too!)

mylene said...

ooh, you guys can check out & for more accessories.. =)

JellyGirl said...

Mylene: I love moondust, so pretty! Thanks for the links!

Tym said...

Thanks for the tips! In return:

Snog Blog (disclaimer: I know the blogger) has a long thread on online shopping for Singapore.

You might also wanna check out Abigael the Bead Lady, also a friend of mine, so satisfaction guaranteed!

JellyGirl said...

Tym: Thanks for the links! I've been following Snog blog for a while and just love that shopping thread. But Abigael is new to me; her earrings are gorgeous! I think I'm going to have to buy a pair!!

Anonymous said...

Happened to pass by your blog. Wow! Cool stuff here and lots of fashion tips and accessories too! Looks like I have to change my wardrope soon. Thanks for sharing & tips.

JellyGirl said...

Anon: Thanks! Hope you'll visit again soon! :)

Abigael said...

Thanks Jelly for the link!
Ms TYM is doing a good job being my publicist :)

JellyGirl said...

Abigael: You're most welcome! I love your designs!

Anonymous said... is really good too. =)

DT said...

Yep there are some really good things going on. At least its not just a bunch of random beads being strung together!