Monday, January 23, 2006

Fashion Items I Cannot Live Without

The premise for the next Carnivale of Couture goes like this: You are stranded at a lifelong party on The Island of Superfantasticness. What are the fashion items you simply cannot live without?

It being an island, I am imagining beach holiday-esque type of items. For day, I would of course need to have a fantastic bikini from Seafolly, a sarong as a cover-up, some blinged-out tortoiseshell sunnies, lippie in a pretty colour and a pair of comfy havianas, all the better to enjoy the beach with.

For night, I'd go for a pair of fabulous but unique earrings from a place like Mudan, a little clutch bag to hold all the essentials, a pretty flirty party frock from either Decjuba or Trelise Cooper and of course, a pair of killer heels.


Fashionasia said...

love the doodles. you rawk girl!

Ole' Wolvie said...