Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fashion don'ts that make you crazy

Away with:
  • bubble skirts - like giant marshmallows that make your legs look stunted
  • cowboy boots - especially unsuitable for Singapore's climates
  • Crocs - comfortable they may be, fashionable they are not
  • formal shorts - a phrase I thought would never be possible
  • daisy dukes - vulgar on anyone, especially with heels. Go put some proper pants on!
Hooray the Carnivale of Couture!


Ang Ku Kueh said...

nice doodles! as for bubble skirt, I guess if u have great skiiny long long legs...haiz....anything will look good...:)

missy-j said...

Away with Crocs! (and if I had my way, Birkenstocks - so overrated!)

angie said...

Oh yeah,crocs shoes simply have to go,they look horrible on any pair of feet,on any one over the age of 5.
And,your illustrations are so pretty!

triticale said...

I am militantly pro-croc. The comfort and support they provide enable my wee wifey to continue to spend eight hours a night on her feet. Without them she would need to quit work until her blood pressure and blood sugar reach acceptable levels for knee replacement surgery. Yeah, they look ugly. Too bad. She doesn't wear them to church.

Dave C said...

I think cowboy boots can look very nice, but only in the correct setting, and only with the correct ensemble. I once went to a cowboy nightclub in Oklahoma, and across the dance floor I saw a dark-complected woman, with long black hair (she was Hawaiian), wearing snug blue jeans, a white short-sleeve mens-cut shirt, and cowboy boots. My heart went all aflutter, and I can still see the vision today, twenty years later.

Tym said...

Amen, sister.

JellyGirl said...

Missy-J: Indeedy I'm with you on the Birkies. I've never been a big fan either and I think they don't look that great.

Angie: Thank you! Glad you liked them :)

Triticale: Very true, but I think the Crocs designers could have come up with a design which had all its current 'ergonomic' functions and at the same time, a shoe which is less clumpy-looking. Anyway, what does your wee wifey do? It sounds like she does a job akin to superwoman!

Dave C: Yes, I agree, cowboy boots look nice in certain situations. What I don't like is how a large number of girls willy-nilly pair anything they wear with the cowboy boots. For example, long romantic boho skirts do not go with cowboy boots.

Wacky Hermit said...

My mom always said about those short shorts, "Looks like she's got a second set of cheeks to powder..."

People are wearing bubble skirts? I thought I left those behind with high school, back when I used to ride my dinosaur to school (uphill in the snow, both ways, all summer).

Fashionasia said...

yucks to bubble skirts!!!

cowboy boots are cool but totally NOT in our climate!! whenever i see ppl wearing them, i cant help but to think how smelly its gonna be if they take them off!!!