Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Boozy weekends

Libations galore, please consume. Photo snitched from T's album.

An excellent way to look back on the boozy two weekends, as stolen from the stylish Agathe:

Christmas Night - PukeFest 2005
With: Mainly group of friends from the old poly days, a nice cosy group
Where: Squashed into P's room, the official venue of all PukeFests
Got: Official PukeFest T-shirt (our 10th year together!), tube of Miso Pretty lip-balm, handmade earrings, Boys are Smelly air freshener, foot scrub, handmade chocolate truffles and handmade purse, and from the group pressie exchange - a Shanghai Tang keychain
Ate (and drank): Pizza from Da Paolo Pizzeria and delicious assorted tapas from Tango, and Japanese cheesecake for dessert, chocolate martini, lychee martini and more drinks I can't remember
Saw: Were-rabbit (aka HatchChua) get drunk
Best: the Miss Mariah 2005/2006 contest, and playing a new drinking game where all conversations should be made in questions
Worst: Sucking at above-mentioned game

With: Same group from Christmas, with a few more additions
Where: Loof bar, above Chef Chans at Odeon Towers and then on to Zouk
Ate: More like drank - peach margarita, flaming lamborghini, lychee martinis
Got: Tube of moisturiser from Shu Uemera, Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook (haha!), cute panda make-up compact from Pupa, items two and three items from my Christmas wishlist, and was bought a drink by some boys from the water polo team
Saw: Some hotties (but either gay or taken, bah)
Best: Having friends out at a nice place to par-tay
Worst: Having to end birthday festivities. Everyday should be like a birthday.

New Year
With: Same group from Christmas
Where: Suite at The Oriental
Got: not sloshed at all, despite one peach vodka shot and numerous drinks
Ate: I had dinner before joining them, but we got room service: yummy chicken wings, clam chowder, and fries. And for lunch, my first ever Carls Jnr burger. For drinkies - chocolate martini, vodka ribena, kahlua lime
Saw: Pretty New Year fireworks from the Oriental Hotel driveway
Best: Learning a fun new drinking game - California Kings
Worst: Being shushed by five very polite, hotel staff. Which spoilsport snitched on us?

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Li-er said...

Goodness! I'm sure you had lots of fun drowning in those! Happy New Year! =)