Thursday, December 22, 2005

ShooStories: You gotta roll with it


The Shoo: Swiss Roll
Circa: Dec 2001
Where: X:odus, The Heeren

The Story: I bought this pair of rather masculine-looking, yet fun pair of shoos from the very first X:odus boutique when it first opened in the Heeren. In those days, their designs were fun, unique, innovative and a breath of fresh air in the local shoo scene. And the best part was, they were fairly affordable. I was ogling their other pretty flower designs, but this pair was on sale, and you know, magic words like SALE are something I cannot resist. Plus, when a shoo is named after one of my favourite cakes, you just know it's something you cannot pass up. Sadly, I don't wear this pair of shoos nowadays, mainly because I'm now in a phase of very feminine, girly-girly shoos. But you never know, I might get one of those butch days and wear this again.


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mylene said...

wah, i dun believe it's in such good condition! since 2001!

JellyGirl said...

Mylene, that's cos I hardly wore it! :)

Cupcake Queen said...

Erm.. they look like Smurfette's shoes. :-X

Merry christmas, gal!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

it doesn't look butch at all lah! the colours look too cute to be masculine.:)

Ole' Wolvie said...

I think most guys would rather be dead than caught wearing those pair... Definitely not man shoes :P