Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Interviews and me don't mix

It's been oh so quiet around here lately eh? Partly because I'm suffering from some sort of blog block. I find myself filtering events into the "bloggable" and "non-bloggable" categories. The little filter asks, "Was this event interesting? Was it worth you spending time to write about? Would people care to read this crap?" And unfortunately mostly, it's been a No. So, hence the need for you to look at Chicken Little's bum for the past week.

And yeah, you've probably noticed that ShooStories hasn't made an appearance for a while. It's not because I've run out of shoos to blog about (lordy no, we're only about halfway through!), but because recently, we got our pipes done in the house, and the storeroom which housed all my precious shoes had to be cleared out and the shoes packed away in boxes. Now that the work has been done, I can't be arsed to take them out of the box. Yep, I'm a procrastinator. But fear not, I hope to crank out a couple of entries soon.

So on to current events. As you know, the job hunt is still going on, and I've been going for a couple of interviews here and there. I had another one this afternoon, and I can't really say how I did. It was...OK. At some point, I heard myself blathering away like an idiot, stuttering one phrase like a broken record, and I tried to stop myself by sounding more coherent, only to make myself sound even more incoherent. Bwaaargh. So much for sounding smooth and confident! But apart from that, I guess I managed to pull myself together quickly and get on with it.

Also, on another note, I hate being tested during interviews! Why do I have to use my brain? I sat and typed away, worrying that I was not doing a good job and worrying that I was taking so long to complete the task. I thought I left my exams back in uni! No more exams in real life! Anyhoo, hope I hear back from them.


Li-er said...

I never like interviews too. And I hate to be tested with some IQ qn. An interviewer once asked me "What do you think of this statement: 1+1=2?" Duh! I racked my brainless brain for a whole 5secs before I bullshit for 5 minutes. Ha!

Alphabet Moppet said...

good luck!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

heya! me back! and if you are feeling like u've got nothing for the blog, hey, we all go thru this phase every now and then. don't worry about it. it comes and goes and with major stuffs like job-hunting, who can blame one for a little neglect?

as long as you come back. It's ok. so hang in there and sorry for not reading you guys...hehehe...my busy month has closed, so I'll have more time to read u. Lucks on the job hunt and heck the interview...over already so dun think too much of it. :) just prepare for the next one.