Monday, December 19, 2005

Home sweet home

A street outside the Russian market, Phnom Penh, 12 Dec 2005

Joum reap soo-er! I'm back from Cambodia! It was a fantastic trip and my brain is filled with images of what I've seen and done; we packed a lot into one week and I feel as if I need more time to just unpack and process everything I've seen. Although it's only been a week, I feel as if I've been away for much longer, probably because we were so busy doing so many different things. We saw (and entertained) over a thousand kiddies in various villages, visited a hospital for Aids patients, a prison, went to the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng, the genocide museum and a landfill. And along the way, ate a huge amount of really yummy food!

I still miss Phnom Penh, but I'm so glad to see my bed!


Fashionasia said...

yey you're back!!!
;) i heard vietnam have got loveeeeeely shooooos!!!!!

JellyGirl said...

heh I went to Cambodia, not Vietnam. And yes, I too have heard about the great shopping in Vietnam, is too bad I have never been there. I must go one day!

Alphabet Moppet said...

Ever since i read about Mingfong Ho's books in secondary school, i have wanted to visit it at some point in time.