Sunday, April 03, 2011

Addicted to skiing

13 boarders, 3 skiiers

It's taken 3 years for me to go on a ski trip since moving to the UK, and I can't believe it took that long. A large group of us took off to the Dolomites in Italy for a quick weekend trip, where we skiied and ate huge amounts of pasta and pizza. Having only skiied once about 20 years ago in Verbier on a family holiday, I wasn't sure how much I'd remember. Turns out it's like driving a car - you don't really forget. All I needed was one refresher lesson on the first morning, and after that, I was good to go. I'm incredibly proud of myself for going up into the mountains and doing the red runs. Sure, I tumbled quite a few times, and I was a little scared to go fast, but by the third day, something clicked and I was able to conquer my fear and just let go. My favourite part was high up in the mountains, where the snow was powdery and we descended gradually while being framed on each side by magnificent trees. Truly magical. I can't wait for the next trip.

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