Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That lace skirt from Coffee House

L: As seen in Coffee House. R: On Queen's Wardrobe. Pictures from Dramabeans and Queen's Wardrobe

I've been getting back into Korean dramas recently, and my new favourite is Coffee House. One of the lead characters, played by the gorgeous Park Shi Yeon, has quite an interesting wardrobe. The one that really caught my eye was a casual-feminine mix of T-shirt and pretty lace skirt (above left).

Quite by accident, I was browsing Queen's Wardrobe and came across a very similar lace skirt (above right). I've gleefully ordered it and am now waiting for it to arrive so I can recreate the look.

P.S. I long for these Miu Miu-esque Mary Janes!

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Brandi - Jeans said...

Love your blog here. I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.