Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holiday in Verona

Pictures from Verona Daily Photo

Off tomorrow on a much needed break to Verona and Lake Garda area. My friend and I will be spending a few days in the Torri del Benaco area, then venture into Verona to watch Aida at the Arena. This will be my first trip to Italy and I'm looking forward to trying the food. And gelato!


Clouds said...

oh i am sooooooo envious. i was there in june and it's barely 3 months but i do miss italy already. please eat a lot of pasta, drink tons of wine and take lots of photos! i live vicariously through you.

JellyGirl said...

Clouds: I did indeed eat a lot of pasta and drink more wine than I usually do. Pictures to come soon! Italy is just beautiful, I really want to go back. Did you go to Lake Garda too?

Clouds said...

i went to the one beside it, lake iseo. which was beautiful. i miss it!