Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memorable meals (part 2)

I had to split this up into two posts because firstly, there are just too many food photos and secondly, there were two places I went to that really stuck in my mind.


I'd been introduced to Hachi a few years ago before I moved to London, back when it was just the chef behind his counter in a small space tucked away in Orchard Emerald. The new location, along Mohd Sultan Road is bigger, sleeker and boasts a rather professianal fleet of staff. The food though, I was glad to find out, was just as good as I remembered it. Although it was lunch and I had many meals under the belt with more to come, I had to go for omakase. It was definitely worth it.

Tofu with wasabi and preserved vegetables - it had a taste of century egg. Light and delicious.

Pork belly salad. Perhaps a tad too much cream and while I won't say it was the best pork belly I've had, it was quite succulent.

Otoro, scallop and hamachi(?) sashimi. The scallop was so fresh that it was sweet, and the tuna just melted in the mouth. Heaven.

Wagyu beef. There are moments when food is so good the entire table goes silent. This was one of those dishes. After a few seconds of complete bliss, my friend and I could utter "Oooh ummmm, sooo goood" in manner of Japan Hour.

Beautifully grilled and charcoaly fish cheek - I loved the smoky flavour

Yes, it's udon, but this was udon the way it should be - in a very superior dashi broth, served with some radish and oily fish. The texture of the udon was perfect, with the right amount of bite and chewiness.

After this, we had a rather mundane scoop of green tea ice-cream for dessert, but I was so happy with the food, I didn't mind.

6 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 6734 9622

Tian Fu Teahouse

Tian Fu Teahouse, on the 60th floor of UOB Plaza, was a new find, but I was determined to find time to eat there. I went with my parents on Sat afternoon and we opted for the Chinese New Year special. Sadly, my camera ran out of battery, so I don't have many photos of the food.

Fantastic view, and it was a nice sunny and clear afternoon

Starting off with light and delicate bitan piaoxue tea

My favourite dumplings, with steamed seafood and minced meat, mainly because they were so pretty. For the rest of the meal, we were served pu'er tea which I drank copious amounts of.

Deep fried pancake with pork floss. Really crispy

Pork floss inside the pancake

You'd think with a to-die-for view like that, the food would be so-so, but we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and delicacy of the dim sum. I'm so coming back here again next time I'm in Singapore.

Tian Fu Teahouse
80 Raffles Place
60th Floor UOB Plaza

Tel: 6535 6006


bob said...

wow, look at that, I'm already drooling, great color, looks delicious

Ai Ling said...

Oh my!!! The food look so good! Now I can't wait to get home... :)

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Oh, the menu for tea at Tian Fu is so much more amazing when you were there. I have to go back too.