Thursday, March 27, 2008

American? Me?

Yesterday during lunch, a newcomer said my accent sounded "American".

I got sound American meh?


JuicyData said...

Were they a newcomer to your new island? Or a newcomer to your group / lunch party?

Shame, shame on them, casting such aspersions; and as a newcomer, the presumptuous gall!


It occurs to me that your listed e-mode results don't dissuade the wayward heritage guesser: Josh Hartnett (USA), "Groove is in the Heart” (Deee-lite [USA]), B.Spears (USA), ?R2-D2? (Naboo), Scottish terrier (Scotland).

So, looks like you're culturally:
60% American
20% alien, and
20% Scottish.


Due to my non-descript accent I've been accused of American heritage on a few occasions. The most recent was by my downstairs neighbors' child (just today). Such cheek.

cangel said...

What does "American" sound like. I live in a Condo where we are all American but we all sure sound different. And then there is my friend, who is actually from Kenya, and she sounds more "American" than some of us.