Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chinese New Year fashion

Why is Chinese New Year always so hot every year? Every memory I have is of a blazing hot sun, make-up slowly melting off, and driving around in a furnace of a car as we went from house to house visiting. Here are some comfortable-looking but still stylish outfits I would lurrve to wear this year (of course, taking into account that money is no object here).

Dresses are the easiest! No fussing about matching tops and bottoms. (L) Fighting Eel dress, my personal favourite out of all the picks, (R) Sweetees dress, on sale!

If a cheongsam is too stifling, try one of these cheongsam-inspired dresses from Shanghai Tang

If separates are more your thing, go for these light blouses. (L): Susina top from Nordstrom, (R) light and breezy with Mint Clothing

Red is always rad for Chinese New Year. (L) Baylene tank, (R) Fighting Eel tunic top


Anonymous said...

Lst pictureis SO CUTE! Love the blog! Checkout mine if you like

kierra said...

i haven't have anything for cny yet. *panic