Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas presents: What (not) to give

My office is having a Christmas party and there is going to be a gift exchange, played very much the way my friends and I play it at our regular Christmas parties. Although I won’t be able to go for this party, I’ve started thinking about great presents I would buy to foist onto some lucky soul (all under S$30):

1. Mini penguin water dispenser: Great to put on your table in the office, and to make sure you'll drink your 8 cups of water a day!
2. Mr T in Your Pocket Keychain: I pity the fool who doesn't end up with this great keychain with 6 classic Mr T phrases.
3. Gnome & Garden: Gnomes are cool now, thanks to the movie Amelie. Now you can put one on your desk with a little mini garden!
4. Talking Lips Digital Radio: A radio with lips that would turn Angelina Jolie green with envy is the perfect perk me up for a slow afternoon in the office.
5. Magic Christmas Tree: Ah, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? Grow your own Christmas tree right on your desk! All you need is magic water!

- All presents found from fredflare and eBay.


Woof! said...

hee hee... I really like the water dispenser!

JellyGirl said...

Hello Woof! Long time no see. Ya the water dispenser is so cute hor? I saw them at Bugis Junction, and almost bought one for myself, hehe.