Friday, October 01, 2004

I can sing a rainbow...

Red and yerrow and pink and greeeen, purpur and oleng and brruu...

Just like LMD, I oso lurve stationery. While she ventures to Evergreen, I went to my canteen supermarket this afternoon and picked up a 80 cents packet of magic markers. I can tell it's branded magic markers, because the packet has a picture of Lady and the Tramp on the cover.

Now I am at work happily doodling away on plain white paper. Doodle doodle.

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littlecartnoodles said...

Aahhh ... brings to mind the coloured pencils ("kahler penser") wars in primary school.

"Mine got 36 colour one"

"So ? Mine got 42 colour !"

"Aiyah, plimaly four where got still use kahler penser ? Use Magic Ink oredy lah !"