Monday, August 30, 2004

Long lunch

Everytime there is an opportunity to have lunch outside campus, everyone at work leaps for joy. Suddenly the possibilities of lunch expand, and glorious visions of non-canteen food are enough to make one's day. Something to eat besides chicken rice, yong tao foo and bad Chinese food? Glory be.

Today was no difference, and the lunch OUTSIDE university was generally looked on with great anticipation and pleasure. The occasion was a farewell lunch for a colleague who is leaving us, the same person who so very lovingly termed canteen food "dog food". But then again, that is coming from someone who brings his own lunchbox to school, with accompanying placemat and metal cutlery. Also the same person who brings his own "high-grade" teabags to Chinese restaurants.

We went to Jurong Country Club for lunch, and ordered Taiwanese porridge with lots and lots of dishes. Dishes you can't get in school. Like cai por, and fatty pork, and dim sum. Yumyum. Sadly, lunch was over too soon, and we returned sated back to the office.

I'm going to miss SP, with his quirky habits and little treats of hotel-bought pastries ("at half price", he proudly announces) and his amusing emails. Life at work is going to be dull without someone to larf at and with.

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