Monday, August 17, 2009

Yes, please

Having a slight case of the Mondays, so I looked for pretty things to add to the wishlist.

If I could dress like the entire J Crew catalogue, I'd be a very happy bunny. So many beautiful jewel tones and gorgeous jewellery.

I made the mistake of ambling into Daunt Books yesterday afternoon, and flipped through Sophie Dahl's cookbook. It's chock full of beautiful photos, personal stories and homey recipes that don't look hard to do.

Bunneh vases from Hannah Zakari. I don't really need to say more.


Eleanoora said...


I ended uo to your blog by an accident (I was looking for pics of Stockholm) and I must say your blog was a very nice and neat surprise. I used to live in London myself (in Hammersmith) so it is a bit nostalgic to read your writings. It was also funny to read your writing of Stockholm, because it also was my hometown for a year :) Yeah, but anyway, keep up the good job (blog)

Eleanoora from Finland

JellyGirl said...

Eleanoora: Thank you for your sweet comments. Yes Stockholm was a lovely visit last year. Can't remember all the places we visited, but I really liked the Vasa Museet, Gamla Stan and the place where there's a beautiful food hall. There are so many beautiful shops; I wish I had more time to explore them! Lucky you being able to live in such beautiful cities.