Monday, March 23, 2009

Fashion takes a backseat

You’re probably noticing the severe lack of fashion posts around here lately. For some strange reason, I don’t seem to be as fashion-crazy as I used to be. Whether it’s a combination of my personal situation not allowing me to shop as much, or I’m just not really digging what’s being offered out there at the moment (80’s style strong shoulders? Seriously? Sky-high shoes that are impossible to walk in? Honey, have you seen the cobblestones in Europe? Hell on a girl’s feet), or the fact that I’m in an environment where it’s completely ok to not recognise labels, I’m not feeling the urge to rush out and buy whatever the latest ‘it’ items are. I will admit that I’ve recently started a love affair with underwear, and have dropped some serious ££ on pretty but structurally sound undergarments. Right now, it’s all about ‘shopping my closet’ (a phrase that seems to be as ick-inducing as ‘troubling economic times’) and downsizing my skincare collection by finishing whatever’s sitting on my shelf, and trying out pharmacy brands. Surprising things I’ve learnt:
  • Caudalie’s Vinoperfect serum is fantastic, but as we’re entering Spring and Summer, the Boots No. 7 serum seems to be working just as well
  • I don’t need Kiehl’s Rosewater Toner. The Boots Damask Rose toner from its Original Range smells just as lovely and has a beautiful vintage packaging to boot
  • Neal’s Yard Lavender body lotion smells wonderful and feels satiny-soft on the skin, but the Body Shop Moroccan Rose body butter does a pretty good job too. (However, I’m totally in love with the Jurlique Rose body lotion, and am seriously considering re-buying once the body butter runs out)

Having said that, I did walk into House of Fraser last week and tew-tally fell in love with a pink Mulberry bag. Also, this 'no shopping' thing might change entirely when I go back home for a visit next month.

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