Thursday, November 06, 2008

Korea meets Mexico

Images from FeetManSeoul

Things are a little slow in the office now, so I've been indulging in quite a lot of surfing. One of my recently discovered sites FeetManSeoul brought my attention to the Seoul Fashion Week. I really enjoyed clicking through the collections, in particular one designer, Ye Ranji, who based her collection on Frida Kahlo. I love how she's taken the prints and mannish pants and translated them into something modern and wearable. One final thing: I'm in total lust with those shoes. Where can I get a pair?

More pictures from FeetManSeoul and the official website (click on The Centaur to view the collection).


kierra said...

aiyo, the models' eyebrows not nice leh! =P

JellyGirl said...

Kierra: I think it's meant to look that way. Frida Kahlo had really bushy eyebrows! :) But I do agree with you, that's probably not the best look for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi, lovely to see my sister's clothing in your blog! My name is Hanui Ye and my sister is the designer Ranji Ye. I am very glad that you liked my sister's collection. Ranji said that if you contact her, she can get you the shose that you wanted!! ""