Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Spring '09 love

I don't have time to click through all the collections on, so I pick and choose designers I like. Here are a few that I enjoyed:


I've been following Doo.Ri ever since Wanz debuted a lovely mint dress at one of her private sales (Incidentally, I do miss those sales!). I just love her easy breezy style and use of silks and soothing colours.

Vivienne Westwood

It may not look like it, but I think Vivienne Westwood's clothes are actually quite wearable. You just have to look at each piece individually.


Patrick Robinson has designed a great basics collection. It looks quite European actually. I do love that white dress.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is sometimes a hit and miss with me, but I mostly tend to like his younger (and cheaper) label for its youthful vibe, great colours and cute dresses. Also, am starting to think fanny packs are a great idea for going out.

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Kierra said...

mmm... marc jacobs does have nice selection this time. i prefer Eley Kishimoto's better though.


ha, if only the prices of these pretty clothes are more affordable. i mean, the clothes we were gets out of style rather quickly, so i usually don't spend too much. =P

Mooms said...

I really like Doo.Ri, her stuff is so classy, well-cut and wearable! Sorry about those sales, I miss them too! Wanz

JellyGirl said...

Kierra: I'm with you on the clothes being more affordable, but I guess if more clothes were cheaper, I wouldn't have enough room to store all my buys!

Mooms: I still wear and love all the stuff I've bought at your sales. If ever you decide to do them again, I'll be the first at the door :)

Alya said...

I do that too (browse the designers that I like or that I'm interested in checking out). Otherwise, I wouldn't do get anything done!