Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Korean dramas I'm looking forward to

This is probably of interest to no one but myself, but here are some Korean dramas I’m looking forward to watching.

Love & Marriage

A matchmaker and a divorce lawyer? I sense much potential for comedy and romance.

Beethoven Virus

Solely because this has to do with an orchestra, and I was very pleased to see that the lead actress is actually holding the violin properly.

The Painter of Wind

The whole girl-dressing-as-guy thing plotline seems to be very in right now. I still enjoy it though, and anyway, I’m a sucker for period dramas.


A modern-day Jewel in the Palace! I really do love food porn. Unfortunately I can’t get subs now as the series has been licensed. I’ll have to get my hands on the DVDs somehow. So far, I’ve only got the first episode.

All images from Dramabeans.


Grafxgurl said...

the first time i watched a Korean movie i loved it!! i hate indian movies mostly, but i really like the intelligence Korean movies have, inspite of the drama!!!

Mooms said...

I thought I'd been cured of Korean drama addiction but aiya you so bad!!! Now I really want to watch GOURMET!!!!!

JellyGirl said...

Grafxgurl: Hopefully you don't become hooked as myself. :) There have been times when I'd rather be home watching my favourite Korean drama than going out.

Moom: ehhehehe. You'll probably get to watch it before I do. Let me know how it goes!