Friday, November 23, 2007

A holiday in Singapore

The last time I was in Singapore for my week-long break was 2 years ago when I was suffering from vertigo and had to cancel my holiday plans. This time, mainly because I didn't really have time to make any overseas holiday plans and also because airfare is soo expensive ($900 to Korea!), I'll be in town for my break next week.

So far, this is what I'm planning on doing:
  • Get work permit to UK sorted out
  • Open bank account with HSBC - not opening it anymore
  • Convert driver's licence to international - maybe I do that end Dec instead?
  • Catch-up lunch with relatives
  • Quiet tea at Dempsey Rd
  • Visit the gym more often
  • Go rollerblading at East Coast
  • Catch up on movies (do you think Bee Movie and Stardust will still be showing?)


cour marly said...

Where are you planning to use your SG license? The IDL is not a stand-alone document, and is just a 'recognised' translation of your DL. So most english speaking countries will accept your SG DL, no IDL needed. If you plan to drive in non-English countries, then better to have it.

JellyGirl said...

Hmm I haven't really thought about where I'd use it, but just thought I'd get it done just in case I need to drive anywhere in Europe. Thanks for the tip!