Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Holiday fun fun fun!

After a few weeks of hmming and hawing, I finally got my act together and picked a holiday destination - Tokyo & Kyoto! I'm quite pleased that everything managed to fall into place very quickly, despite the almost last minute bookings. I managed to a get a flight at the dates I wanted, a recommended hotel in a good area at a reasonable price, and an overnight stay at this cute ryokan in Kyoto.

And I also consider this to be the perfect excuse to watch even more anime to try and pick up useful phrases*.

* Admittedly, all I've picked up from anime is to say Shut up!, How are you, and I'm OK. Oh, and how to bankai. Yep, that'll come in useful.


Ole' Wolvie said...

Time to practice some Kidoh!

mylene said...

wow! who are you going with? and what a fab choice in holiday destination. =)