Monday, November 07, 2005

Wax on, wax off

Judging by the number of comments I got in my last post, I suppose talking about that interesting experience down under merits its own post. So, to get down to details (down, hurhur).

Let me start off by saying I am a total chicken shit when it comes to pain. I teared when my ears got pierced, and I cried when I first got my eyebrows plucked. So naturally, the thought of hot wax ripping off hair from my nether regions just gave me the willies. It was with a huge sense of trepidation that I walked into Strip at Wheelock Place last Mon. And this is after giving myself half an hour of browsing through images of skinny and undoubtedly hairless models in fashion magazines at Borders for dutch courage.

I was repeatedly asked if I wanted the Brazilian (helll noooo!), and given a choice of strip wax and another kind of less painful wax. Seeing as this was my virgin experience, I immediately went with the more expensive, less painful wax. It was even a pleasant, reassuring shade of pink. Ooh pink.

I was then asked to "remove everything at the bottom" and wrap myself in a towel. When I was ready, the waxer (is that we call them??) entered and without any ceremony, promptly whisked away the towel, positioned my legs just so, and proceeded to take out some scissors and started trimming with an alarming speed and precision. While she was happily chatting away, she tried to engage me in what I suppose is easy conversation.

Now I don't know about you, but I was totally uncomfortable chatting to someone who was tending to my erm...privates, and delving into my private life. Bad enough that you can see me in my nekkid glory, and that you're sort of touching me down there, you don't need to go delving into what I do everyday and what I'm up to over the holidays. Plus, does anyone feel there's just something wrong about being completely clothed on the top but being completely bare-bottomed?
Waxer: (snip snip) So have you ever considered the Brazilian?

Me: (nervously eyeing progress) That's the one where everything comes off right?

Waxer: (snip snip) Ya...cleaner, more hygiene. You should try. It's verrry good! I always do Brazilian!

Me: Err no thanks, I think I'll just stick to the normal bikini wax. First time and all, you know.

Waxer: How about electrolysis? You want to try that? It's very good, and especially for someone like you, last longer too, no need to keep coming back.

Me: (thinking) Thank you for making me feel like the Yeti.
After the trimming was completed, she got down to the real business (pun again entirely intended). I braced myself for overwhelming pain, but I was surprised, even slightly disappointed. After all the building up of anticipation and fear, it turned out to be entirely foundless. The first rip hardly hurt. On a scale of one to ten, the pain was a 2. Hell, even getting my eyebrows plucked hurt more. The rest of the experience was very much like the first application. Relatively painless. I think it helped that she was very skilful and quick, and knew where to press the skin just so to minimise pain. Before I knew it, I was done and I was looking at a part of me I'd never seen before. And now I can see why women keep coming back to get their bikini areas waxed. It feels lighter, and err...kinda airy down there now. Also, cleaner, and more 'hygiene'.

(And now I think I shall stop, as I suspect I have sufficiently grossed out whatever male readers I have out there)


Li-er said...

Hehee... then maybe you can go for the brazilian next time? Gosh... I want to go now that you got me tempted. Hahaa!

Woof! said...

heh... not grossed out lah..

hope u had a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur 'info'......been thinking about it for the longest treshold for pain is super duper low. now i am tempted to go..... u got that waxer name???

JellyGirl said...

Li-er: Let me know how it goes!

Woof!: This is the beauty of blogs. Nowhere else can I speak so openly about getting a bikini wax!

Anon: Unfortunately I never got the waxer's name, but I think all the girls there are equally experienced and gentle.

Tym said...

Glad it worked out for you. Yup, the people at Strip are v good.

Anonymous said...

I lurrrve getting my Brazillian done at Strip. It's addictive, the um, hairlessness and the "hygiene".