Saturday, July 17, 2004


For the past week, uni has been hosting convocation ceremonies about three times a day at the auditorium. The free space outside is taken up by people hawking special studio photos, graduation teddy bears, bronze plaques of degrees (options include mounting on the wall or placing it in your fishtank) and last minute bouquets of flowers.

I've always liked convocation time - you get to see the students dressed up more 'stylishly', wearing their gowns and ridiculously heavy caps, and their parents decked out in their best looking so proud that their children have finally made it. It's a happy event, people are smiling and waving and congratulating each other. I like seeing the enthusiasm and life emanating from these people, who are just about to step out into the big working world and beyond. And I wonder, where has my enthusiasm gone after my graduation?

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